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Charlie Ventura's "Open House"

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(Recorded 5/5/53)

My One And Only Love


I Love You



(Recorded 10/12/54)

How Deep Is The Ocean

Pagan Love Song

Between The Devil And The Deep Blue Sea

Over The Rainbow


Album Notes: These recordings are an Open Door to Charlie Ventura's "Open House," which is the name of Charlie's night-club in Philadelphia. Here you have Charie with a big band as well as his Quartet - which means that you have the great Ventura at his best - relaxed, at-ease and thoroughly at-home.

The strings are the orchestra of George Williams, an aggregation which is rapidly becoming one of the top jazz bands in the country. The songs are your favorites, and Charlie's treatments are unique. He uses a different saxophone for each number: tenor, alto, baritone, and bass. It is a rich performance and a unique experience, in modern, up-to-the-moment music.

The Quartet consists of Dave McKenna at the piano, Sonny Igue at the drums, Bob Carter at the bass - three of the finest rhythm men in jazz - and of course, Charlie Ventura himself with his golden saxophone. In keeping with the atmosphere of the club, the playing is informal and casual, but is always stirring. Every listener is thrilled as he (as well as she) responds to the imaginative sounds, the verve and versatility, the change of mood and mastery of style which has made Charlie Ventura one of the unquestioned greats among the great jazz instrumentalists.

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