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Dave McKenna at Farley's Piano Showroom


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Venue:  Farley's Showroom, Madison, WI

Date:  Saturday, August 28th, 1993

Play List


Love Is A Many-Splendored Thing


'For' Medley
For You (3:52)
For All We Know (6:48)
For You, For Me, Forevermore (9:46)


'Heavenly' Medley
A Home In The Clouds (14:12)
Penthouse Serenade (16:27)
Stairway To The Stars (19:03)
Cabin In The Sky (21:53)
My Blue Heaven(24:08)


'Don't' Medley
Don't Be That Way (28:37)
Don't Blame Me (31:53)
Don't Worry 'Bout Me (34:50)
Don't Take Your Love From Me (37:31)
Don't Be Blue (41:16)












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