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Woody Herman In Disco Order, Vol. 27

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(Nick Travis, Doug Mettome, Don Ferraro, John Bello (tp), Herb Randel, Urbie Green, Jerry Dorn (tb), Woody Herman (cl/as), Phil Urso, Jack Dulong, Bob Graf (ts), Sam Staff (bar/fl), Dave McKenna (p), Hy White (g), Red Mitchell (b), Sonny Igoe (d))


(January 9th, 1951)

Lonesome Gal (vocal by Dolly Houston)

Searching (Vocal by Woody Herman)

Jet (Vocal by Woody Herman)

Ninety Nine Guys (Vocal by Woody Herman and band)


(Roy Caton (tp), Kenny Pinson (ts), Red Wooten (b) replace Travis, Graf and Mitchell; Omit White)


(March 4th, 1951)

I Can See You (Vocal by Dolly Houston)

By George


(March 15th, 1951)

Leo The Lion

It Isn't Easy (Vocal by Woody Herman)


(Don Fagerquist, Doug Mettome, Ray Caton, Shorty Rogers (tp), Herb Randel, Urbie Green, Jerry Dorn (tb), Woody Herman (cl/as), Bill Perkins, Jack Dulong, Kenny Pinson (ts), Sam Staff (bar/fl), Dave McKenna (p), Red Wooten (b), Sonny Igoe (d))


(June 4th, 1951)

Cuban Holiday

The Glory of Love (Vocal by Woody Herman)

Hollywood Blues

Pass The Basket (Vocal by Woody Herman)


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